Dear Misses

Swiss finest Bluesadelic, Country, Folk & Garage Rock Band, Established in 2017


Welcome our new Bass Player Remo


Auf dem letzten Konzert der Frankie Trombone Tour 2023 haben wir verkündet, dass unser langjähriger Bassist Thomas Uttinger in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand geht. Seitdem bearbeitet ein Neuzugang mit Hochdruck den Viersaiter: Remo Betschart füllt nun die Lücke am Bass. Seine Feuertaufe hat er bereits bestanden, denn während der Beizentour 2024 heizten Dear Misses - unterstützt von Hanna Landolt an der Violine - drei Schwyzer Bars richtig auf. Es war ein unvergesslicher Abend - vielen Dank an alle Fans für den lautstarken Support und die grandiose Stimmung!

New Sound

Die letzten Monate waren für Dear Misses eine intensive und kreative Zeit! Wir haben geschrieben, aufgenommen und gemischt, um euch mit brandneuer Musik zu begeistern. Aktuell laufen die letzten Aufnahmen und Feinschliffe. Seid gespannt auf einen frischen Sound, der Elemente von Garage Rock, Psychedelic und Blues vereint. Bald gibt's mehr Infos - Stay tuned!

Live album "Frankie's live" out December 8

The Frankie Trombone Tour 2023 included several concerts all over Switzerland. Dear Misses jumped into their glittering nudie suits, grabbed Simi Fässler on pedal steel guitar as additional musician and brought their country-rock-epos Life and Death of Frankie Trombone on stage. The setlist was complemented by some cover songs as well as some older Dear Misses originals, fitted in a country outfit. This year has been full of highlights, culminating in the first ever live album, "Frankie's Live", out on 8th of December 2023. The first half was recorded live at Foolpark Recordings, Lucerne, the second half live at Mauz Music Club in Einsiedeln, on 1st of April 2023. Listen!


Band Potratit on arttv. Check it out here!

Our Frankie Trombone Tour is nearly over. But there's still one gig you shouldn't miss, on 20th of October at Gaswerk Eventbar, Seewen SZ. Don't miss the last dance with this lineup, a big change is gonna come.

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See ya in front of stage!

Foolpark Live Session out now. Check it out!

It's a christmas gift to our fans. You can download this track for free on our bandcamp site


It's a thing with Christmas songs; some people love them, but most people hate them. Nevertheless, we dared to do it. Of course, a Christmas song can be a little cheesy and trashy. So don’t take it too seriously, leave the taste cop, enjoy the music and have a merry Christmas. But what makes a Christmas song? A certain mood has to be conjured up; there has to be some magic in it, a nostalgic-melancholic chorus flooded with confidence and hope, and of course, lots and lots of bells. 

The Lyrics are about the over-commercialization of Christmas, which has degenerated into a business. In times of energy shortages and war, we should return to the basic idea of Christmas. You don't need fancy Christmas lights and lots of presents to be happy. Just share a little bit of your luck, and you will find peace. 

Check out our brandnew music video of "Frankie's Last Mexican Showdown".

Directed and edited by Pirmin Henseler, filmed by Aaron Imlig & Pirmin Henseler, story by Dear Misses

Our new studio album "Life and Death of Frankie Trombone" is out now everywhere!

On their third album, Dear Misses have made a real stylistic break. Distorted guitars and howling fuzz solos have been exchanged for acoustic guitars, pedal steel guitar, mandolin, violin, blues harp and polyphonic vocals.

It's a concept album about the life of fictional Wild West outlaw "Frankie Trombone." The 12 original compositions deal with the erratic life of an outsider, his heartbreak, loneliness, inner turmoil, social ostracism, failure and eventual death. Despite the lyrical heaviness, the songs carry a vibe of summer lightness.

On a musical level, Gram Parsons' vision of Cosmic American Music continues; country and folk are blended with rockabilly, psychedelic, blues and even trip hop. Deeply impressed by the maestro, "Ennio Morricone", elements of the Italo-Western soundtrack are also present in the songs.

Typical for "Dear Misses", the album was recorded and mixed completely analog.


For the album cover, the five musicians pose in custom-made nudie suits decorated with glitter stones and psychedelic subjects in front of a star-studded desert sky, shortly before a new day dawns in the life of Frankie Trombone.



"Don't Let Her Down", the second single of our upcoming third studio album, is out now

"Leaving Town", the first single of our upcoming third studio album, is out now